43 Products That Work So Darn Well, You Just Might Shed A Happy Tear

If you are sensitive to scents, they also have an unscented version! Promising review: "Is a dog poop bag possible to love? Yes! Yes! The scented bags are great for long walks as it masks the smell of the dog's feces, except for those that have a strong smell. Because I have sensitive noses, I prefer unscented products. Earth Rated also offers non-scented bags. Although the bags from Earth Rated are slightly longer than some other brands, they are still similar in length. The bags are heavier than other brands, have better-sealed seams and high-quality separation perforations. Every brand of bag holder that I own has the central cylinder that glides effortlessly. A final, but very important point... that tiny piece of tape that keeps a new roll glued together is that little bit. If you do not remove the tape carefully, most brands will use a tape that pulls off the opposite side of the bag. While a hole at the top is not a problem, a hole further down could cause leakage. My first bag was not destroyed by the Earth Rated tape. It is a strong and well-made bag, which has never let me down. It will hold any size load, whether it is small or large. Jaxdoc It's available at Amazon for $6.79+ and comes in two sizes.


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