Best games for Amazon Fire HD tablets 2021

Amazon's Fire HD Tablets offer a great alternative to iPads for those looking for a more affordable option. The Amazon Fire HD 10 is half the price of an iPad and offers great battery life, performance, USB C port, and even a highly-coveted headphone jack. The display isn’t glare-resistant so if you’re looking for a dedicated ereader, the Kindle Paperwhite might be a better choice. An Amazon Fire HD tablet is a great choice for tablet entertainment, such as gaming. These great games will make long car rides more bearable. These games are already among the top mobile games so you won't regret it. VPN Deals: Monthly plans starting at $16 for a lifetime license and monthly plans starting at $16 Drawful 2 Drawful is back and better than ever. It now has custom prompts and censoring options, making it stream-friendly and family-friendly, as well as an audience feature that allows thousands of people to join your games. Drawful is a party game in which you draw prompts and other players guess their answers. The responses then become multiple choices that are used by players to vote for the answer they believe to be true. Drawful 2's biggest selling point is that one player does not have to own the game. Instead, the owner creates a room and gives a code to allow others to join. They can do this by using their browser to enter the code into a website. This is a great way for everyone to get involved and will bring out the best in you. Drawful 2 A party game that's both for the artistically talented and the visually impaired, Drawful 2 is sure to bring a smile to your face. Amazon: $10 Happy Color by Number Happy Color shows that games don't need to be difficult to be enjoyable. Happy Color offers thousands of images to help you bring life to your ideas, including scenes from nature and hobbies as well as scenes from Disney and Pixar. The game is intended for adults but can also be used by children. Happy Color is free, making it ideal for artistically inclined people. The only problem is the forced ads that appear on every image, distracting from the more relaxing aspects of the game. Happy Color: Color By Number Relax, unwind, and soothe your soul by playing this simple but satisfying color-by-numbers game. Amazon: Free with ads Jackbox Party Pack 3 Although it's difficult to believe, Jackbox Games is still being discovered by some people. Jackbox Party Packs and all its other Party Packs are full of hilarious party games that will pit you and your friends against one another for the crown of victory. Jackbox Party Packs are available for Amazon Fire HD tablets in a variety of formats. Jackbox Party Pack 3 is my recommendation, as it contains two of my favourite games, Trivia Murder Party, and Tee K.O. It's expensive at $24.99 but it has great replay value. Everyone can join a game room free of charge from their devices. Jackbox Party Pack 3 This is the priciest of all the games, but it's also the most replayable. Jackbox Party Packs make great party games! Amazon $25 Lake Jigsaw Puzzles Source: Amazon You can take advantage of the Fire HD tablet’s larger screen by playing traditional jigsaw puzzle games. Although the peaceful scenes of lakes, forests, and mountains may seem a little boring to most children, it's a great way to relax and have fun. This is only one example of a developer who has many other options on Amazon. Titan Game has created a jigsaw puzzle game that can be used to capture sunsets, puppies, and waterfalls. This tablet-friendly game is free and offers useful features such as pinch to zoom, the ability use your own music, four puzzle types, and puzzles that range from 9 to 1,600. If you don't manage to finish all the puzzles, Titan Game offers many more to choose from. Lake Jigsaw Puzzles Jigsaw puzzles are easy to understand. This game is perfect for you if you enjoy them. Amazon: Free with ads Monument Valley As you travel through a world of incredible architecture, put yourself in the shoes the Silent Princess. Monument Valley's amazing environmental puzzles will require you to think outside of the box. This place is not always as it appears. This puzzle game is suitable for all ages (rated All Ages) and will keep you busy for hours. Monument Valley is a mobile gaming experience that's perfect because of its beautiful graphics, great art direction and great music. Monument Valley 2 is also available, so you can continue to the next installment after you finish the first one. Monument Valley Solve beautiful, clever environmental puzzles in this amazing mobile game. It's one of the best games in 10 years. Amazon: $4 Phantasmat: Behind the Mask Let me make a confession: Hidden object games were my addiction for many years. You know what? They're still great fun! Big Fish Games has been producing titles like Phantasmat since the beginning. They're an excellent addition to tablet gaming on larger screens. Phantasmat features a charmingly haunting setting in a classic haunted house, mini-games and light puzzles as well as hidden object rooms. This is also the collector's edition, which includes all bonus and add-on content. These games are usually quite short. You could drag Phantasmat around for a while if you took your time. But if you're really motivated, you might finish the game in just one night. Phantasmat costs $4.99 and is just as entertaining. Phantasmat: Behind the Mask Hidden objects games are more fun in a scary setting. So get Phantasmat! Amazon: $5 Quell Zen+ Although Quell Zen+ can be difficult to explain, it is very enjoyable. Quell Zen+ is a logic game that lets you direct raindrops through mazes in order to solve more than 200 levels of puzzle-solving madness. You might find a few hidden puzzles along the way, so keep an eye out for them. This title is accompanied by a soothing, elegant soundtrack that makes it an excellent choice for relaxing before bed. Quell Zen+ is a great value at only $3.99. Do yourself a favor and get this amazing puzzle game. Quell Zen+ An addictive addition to any gaming collection, Quell Zen+ is a relaxing, yet challenging, logic puzzler. Amazon: $4 Stardew Valley Stardew Valley has become synonymous with idyllic farming sim gaming. Stardew Valley was released on mobile in 2012, a few years after its original release. It's an excellent title that you can add to your tablet gaming collection, thanks to the larger screen size. Stardew Valley is a game where you play as a character who inherits their grandfather's farm. You will be responsible for fixing up the farm and making it a lucrative paradise. This is where you will make friends, visit dangerous mines, assist the town and enjoy your time growing crops and raising animals. Stardew Valley is never dull. I have spent over 200 hours in my files (I now own 3 farms). You can even play with your friends on the same farm now that there is a multiplayer option. Stardew has seen many updates over the years. If you haven’t tried it yet, you might want to. Stardew Valley Stardew Valley is the ultimate farming simulator. It will allow you to live a second life in pastoral paradise. Amazon $5 Stray Souls Stolen Memories Source: Amazon It's another hidden object puzzle game. I'm not sorry. Stray Souls - Stolen Memories is another excellent addition to the Fire HD tablet. To save your daughter's life, you will need to travel to a strange place and uncover the secrets of your husband's past. Stray Souls has 48 locations, 14 hidden objects scenes and a variety of mini-games. You can enjoy it over several days or one long session. Although it is a sequel to the original Stray Souls game this can also be used as a standalone experience. This is a great deal for $2.99 and I highly recommend it to any person who likes hidden object games. Stray Souls - Stolen Memories - Save your daughter from a scary town and discover a secret mystery in Stray Souls : Stolen Memories. Amazon: $3 The Room Three Escape rooms are just as much fun online as in real life. The best mobile escape game is The Room series. You can't go wrong with 2,000+ reviews and a 5-star review. The Room Three offers a variety of physical puzzles and many beautifully rendered 3D objects that you can inspect, rotate and interact with while solving puzzles. It has a great soundtrack and an intuitive interface that makes it a tactile experience. The Room Three and its siblings The Room Two and The Room Three are only $3.99 each. They should be on the top of your Fire game list. This game is so well-designed that you might not be able put it down again.


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