Improve your typing speed and accuracy with this $50 tool

This content was made possible by our sponsor. It is not written by Engadget editorial staff and does not necessarily reflect their views.A tool that accurately increases your typing speed is welcome for any writer, blogger, or copywriter. You will make more mistakes and typos once you have reached your speed limit. This can ultimately lead to you spending more time editing. You don't have to slow down your pace, especially if you are short on time.Lightkey Pro Text Prediction Software analyzes your typing habits and suggests words to improve your writing speed. A lifetime subscription to Lightkey Pro Text Prediction Software is currently on sale for $50, which is 70% offLightkey analyzes your typing patterns to predict up to 12 words including punctuation. This allows you to write up to four times faster and retains coherence. The software provides real-time grammar and spelling corrections and makes relevant predictions. Lightkey draws on over 60 content domains, including law, technology, and academia, to make predictions for your writing.The software is easy to use and can be used with most popular word-writing apps, including Microsoft Office and Google Chrome. It is more accurate and effective than Word and Google Docs in text prediction for academic and blog content. Lightkeys deep learning context analysis capabilities provide relevant terms that consider the context of your writing. It supports more than 80 languages.Lightkey also offers extended support for those who are visual-focused on the keyboard when they type. Lightkey analyzes text but will not upload it to the cloud. It can also operate completely offline.Lightkey Pro's latest version offers a lower price, new features, and greater accuracy for predictive text. A lifetime subscription to this real time correction app is $50, which is a drop from $169Prices are subject to change.