China shares video and audio from its Mars rover

The US is not the only country that sends video from Mars. SpaceNews reports from China that both audio and video have been released by the Zhurong rover during its early explorations of the Red Planet. These clips include the landing, deployment, and first movement. A panorama shows how far Zhurong has travelled (774 feet total) since its landing platform. You shouldn't expect an extraterrestrial orchestra, just as you wouldn't with sounds from NASA’s Perseverance. The sound of the exit ramp and mechanisms is all you hear. Mars' thin atmosphere can also affect the results. Mars audio is still very rare so the mission crew cannot be too picky. The footage is, without a doubt, all about bragging rights. Zhurong was part of China's first independent mission to another world. The country will no doubt want to show off its achievements in as many details as possible. It's clear, however, that Mars exploration has evolved in recent years thanks to Perseverance and this. An audiovisual experience is becoming more common than just a few photos.


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