Listen to sounds from Mars, as recorded by China's Zhurong rover

Another update on China's Mars mission has been posted. This one is actually available to you. China National Space Administration (CNSA), shared video and audio from its Zhurong rover on Sunday. This Zhurong rover is considered to be the central component of China's Tianwen-1 mission towards the Red Planet. The first clip shows the rover as it launches from Earth on July 23, 2020. It arrives on Mars in spring 2021. According to BBC, "The orbiter as well as the Mars rover are in excellent working order, reporting safely from Mars and the party and motherland and sending distant blessings for the century of party's founding," reads an official CNSA statement. The CNSA selected Utopia Planitia for Zhurongs 90-day exploration of the diverse landscape. This was in support of humanitys search to find signs of ancient life. Another video shows Zhurong wriggling its wheels near its landing platform. This is a crucial part of Zhurong's terrifying parachute landing that began in May 14. These images were taken with a Zhurong wireless camera that Zhurong can deposit on the ground, and then picks up again. A final clip from Zhurong's center mast captures the rover setting its wheels on Mars. It also includes audio of the mechanics at work. Scientists at CNSA have stated that they plan to use the sound system to record wind sounds on Mars. We'll hopefully hear it in a future clip.


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