TSA At Pennsylvania Airport Find Loaded Gun In Baby Stroller

TSA officers find many interesting things while screening passengers at airports. Some of these items can be quite dangerous.They've met Lucille from The Walking Dead and Batmans Batarang.USA Today reports that a Pennsylvania man was detained after the TSA discovered a loaded gun in a stroller.The loaded.380 caliber pistol was discovered at Arnold Palmer Regional Airport. The man was then arrested. The gun contained six bullets and was found in the stroller's pocket.According to the article, TSA officers found the gun after inspecting the stroller. It was too big to fit through the airport's X-ray machine.It was quite strange that the man claimed the gun was in the stroller. The man claimed that the gun was kept in the stroller while he went for walks with his girlfriend and their child. He claims that he forgot about removing the gun before he headed to the airport.It is the fourth year in a row that a handgun has been found at Arnold Palmer Airport.Learn more about USA Today by clicking here.