Air India A320 Flies To Dubai With One Passenger

This isn't quite as glamorous as the Emirates 777 passenger, but it's still very cool.One passenger on an Air India Amritsar-Dubai flight is availableThis Wednesday's Air India flight 929, which flew from Amritsar, India, to Dubai on June 23, 2021 was quite special. S.P., 66 years old, was the only passenger on board. Singh Oberoi. The flight lasted approximately three hours and was carried out by an Airbus A320 registered under the code VT-EXE.Singh claims that he paid 740 AED to charter his plane, which is approximately $200. The plane has 168 seats and is in a single-class configuration. Singh claimed that he felt like a maharaja while he traveled, and that the pilot paid only 740 AED for his flight. This is $200 for a plane with 168 seats. The following is the list.Singh was required to have coronavirus testing done upon landing in Dubai. The ground staff were shocked to learn that he was the only passenger.At the airport, I was subject to a PCR test. I was surprised that I was the only passenger on the flight by the airport staff.Why was this flight so emptyIt is not the first Dubai-bound flight to only one passenger in recent weeks. So what is the deal? The United Arab Emirates has been imposing a travel ban on India since April. Some exceptions were made:Citizens of the United Arab EmiratesDiplomatsHolders of a gold visaFor select businesspeople, the golden visa is basically a 10-year United Arab Emirates residency card. These visas are very rare and expensive. To get a gold visa, you must invest at least 10,000,000 AED ($2.72 Million) in the UAE. You can do this by putting money in an investment fund, or establishing a company with at minimum that amount of capital.You can see that not many people have a gold visa. This is why Singh probably flew the flight.Next, the obvious question is: Why would an airline operate a flight when there's such little demand? There could be a few factors at play.Although the flight to Dubai was empty, it is possible that the return flight to Amritsar was full. There is no travel ban in this direction.Airlines are now carrying large amounts of cargo so it is possible to make a flight profitable even with fewer passengers.Bottom lineA passenger flying from Amritsar, India to Dubai was treated to a very special flight when he discovered that he was the only one on an Air India Airbus A320. This was likely due to the UAE's travel ban against India. However, there is an exception for people with a gold visa.Although I would say having an Emirates 777 to yourself is cooler, it still feels like an amazing experience.