Top Biden adviser blames guns for crime surge and insists Republicans defunded police

Cedric Richmond, President Joe Biden's senior advisor, blamed Sunday's nationwide crime spike on guns and demanded that Republicans defund the police earlier this year. Following an announcement by the Justice Department, Richmond said that they are establishing "cross-jurisdictional gun trafficking strike forces" within five U.S. cities in order to stop illegal firearms transfers amid unprecedented increases in crime. Richmond claimed that firearms, such as assault weapons, are the cause of the increase in violence when he was asked about it. The crime surge is partly due to the flood of guns flooding the streets of the country. That's something the president wants addressed, the top adviser stated on Fox News Sunday. He is well aware of the devastating effects violence has on families, and gun violence in particular, and how it has been affecting the country over the past 18 months. BIDEN ADMINISTRATION OFFERS 'FIREARMS TRICKING FORCES' IN LIBERAL CITES He said that crime dropped in the 1990s after we ban assault weapons. It's now that assault weapons are banned again. President Trump supports this, and he has asked Congress to act. When you talk about fighting violent crimes, you must also consider access to guns. Richmond blamed the GOP for not supporting Biden's $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan. He said it included funds for police departments. Let's also talk about who funded the police, he stated. The Republicans opposed it when we tried to pass a rescue program last year. They didn't receive funding until the American Rescue Plan. This plan allowed the state and local governments to rebuild their police departments and do other necessary things. Continue the story Look, Republicans are good at sticking to talking points about who says defund police. But the truth is that they defunded police and we funded crime intervention, Richmond said. This is my opinion of a smart and comprehensive approach to dealing violence in our communities. The Washington Examiner reported that 38 officers working in law enforcement were killed during the first six months in 2021. This compares to 27 officers in 2020. That's a 41% increase. This was accompanied by a precipitous rise in crime in Baltimore, New York City, Atlanta and New York City. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION FROM THE WASHINGTON XAMINER New York City authorities reported that there was a 73% rise in shooting incidents in May, a 47% increase in robbery and a 21% rise in felony assaults when they compared data from 2020. Atlanta has seen murder rise 58%, rape 98%, aggravated attack has seen a 28% jump and thefts from vehicles has surged 27%. The rate of grand theft auto has increased 36% in 2021 compared with police statistics from 2020. Police in Baltimore have also noted similar trends. Nonfatal shootings rose 16%, gun-related murders increased 9%, and attempted sexual assaults rose 44% in 2021, compared to 2020. Washington Examiner Videos Tags: News, Joe Biden, Biden Administration, Crime, Second Amendment, Justice Department, Firearms, Police, Law Enforcement Original Author: Jake Dima Original Location: Top Biden advisor blames guns and insists that Republicans have defunded police


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