'I hope she put her arms around her little girl': 5 members of Argentine family missing

Graciela Cattarossi was a lifestyle photographer and saw beautiful places, such as beaches and glamorous hotels. For her, Surfside was the most beautiful place in the world, as her 7-year old daughter Stella lived there.Cattarossi, 48 years old, was born in Argentina. She started a photography company on her own and had the singular goal of making her children's lives better.Kathryn Rooney Vera, Kathryn's friend from Miami, stated that Cattarossi was devoted to her child in an unmatched way. Kathryn has known Cattarossi ever since they were neighbors at Miami Beach's Grand Venetian in 2008Cattarossi and Stella lived in Surfside's unit 501 of Champlain Towers. The towers collapsed on Thursday morning. Cattarossi's mother is Uruguayan and was a diplomat in Uruguay until the 1960s. This was confirmed by the Uruguayan consul.Cattarossis sister Andrea visited the family during the collapse. Her husband was still in Argentina. All five members of the family are missing.Graciela Cattarossi with her 7-year-old daughter Stella and Gracielas parents Gino Cattarossi. Andrea, Gracielas sister, was not pictured as she was at Champlain Towers with her family.Vera, whose children attend Von Wedell with Stella Montessori, stated that Cattarossis generosity extended beyond her family to include friends and family. Vera was maternity photographed by the photographer and they were presented to Vera as a memorial to what she believed would have been Vera's last child. Vera then became pregnant with her fifth child.Vera stated that she was so happy for me. Vera said that she was ecstatic because she worked so hard to get everything she had and was so generous.She describes Cattarossi to be down-to-earth and a bit Bohemian.She believed in being healthy, mentally, physically, and emotionally. She was extremely fit. She loved tennis and wanted to raise her daughter in a healthy, holistic way.Stella Cattarossi celebrates her seventh birthdayShe was also an immigrant and fully accepted her country.Vera stated that she loved all we stand for. Vera used to tell Americans to understand their rights and to fight for them.Continue the storyStella was always first. They shared a bed and mother and daughter were close. Vera wonders if Stella had the time to get up before the calamity. Stella reaches out to Vera to pull her closer.She said, "I hope she puts her arms around her little girl."