Arkansas governor aims to reverse increasing hospitalizations and low vaccination rates

Arkansas Governor Arkansas Gov.It matters: There is a worrying trend in states across the country of increasing hospitalizations and slowing vaccines. According to Politico, Arkansas has the lowest rates of vaccination in the country.Axios Markets delivers market news that is worth your time. Register now for a free subscriptionHutchinson stated that one of the difficulties was the FDA emergency use authorization. "We need to complete that research so it can get final approval. That will be a great help, I believe."The Republican stated that the slowing of the vaccination rate was evident in the decline in hospitalizations. The urgency to get the vaccine also slowed.He said, however, that if incentives fail to work, then reality will. He said that as the number of hospitalizations rises, so will the cases. I believe you'll also see a rise in vaccination rates."Axios Markets has more: Subscribe to receive the most recent market trends from Axios Markets. Register now for a free subscription