Passenger leaps from moving jet after trying to enter cockpit, California police say

Police say that a man started pounding on the cockpit of a United Airlines plane as it was taxiing to Los Angeles International Airport runway on Friday night.The 7 p.m. incident was reported by KABC.According to the station, we might have had a passenger who was a danger level jump out of an aircraft. The pilot reported the matter to the tower and requested that the police be called.KTLA reported that the Salt Lake City-bound flight returned with the emergency slide inflated. The incident resulted in no injuries to anyone else on board.CNN reported that the man who leapt from an Embraer 175 regional plane operated by SkyWest Airlines was treated at the hospital for his injuries after he was arrested. Authorities have not released his name.Business Insider reported that airliner doors can't be opened mid-flight as planes are pressurized at high elevation.KNBC reported that a silver-colored four-door sedan driven by a man with the letters "SOS" on its hood broke through a FedEx depot gate and led police to a short chase on the runway. His identity has not been revealed.New Mexico officials report that 5 people died when a hot-air balloon collided with a power line and crashed in flames.FAA fines passenger for refusing to wear mask and punching Southwest worker.Federal charges brought against skydiving instructor in connection to fatal 2016 jump at Lodi Airport