New Celebrity Apology Index Reveals the Most OFFENSIVE Celebs

· New research has counted every public celebrity apology to find out the most apologetic celebs and industries

· Justin Bieber, Chris Brown and Kevin Hart top the charts, having apologised the most for insensitive comments and behaviour

· Celebs spend most of their time apologising for racially ‘offensive’ remarks (25%) and insults (26%)

· Disparaging remarks about mental health issues (14%) and offending the LGBT community (12%) are also high on the list

It’s never been more dangerous to be a celebrity. With cancel culture in full swing, one clumsy social media post or one drunken mistake can condemn your career before it’s even begun.

Racial Insensitivities

From Keri Hilson blaming COVID-19 on 5G, to Ryan Reynolds apologising for having a plantation wedding, the data team at CasinoHex decided to track every single public celebrity apology that’s been published on the Internet, to find the most scandalous celebs. 

With regards to what celebrities are apologising for, the data shows comments and actions relating to insensitivities over racial issues (25%) and insults (26%) dominate. This is followed by offensive comments relating to mental health issues (14%) and the LGBT community (12%). 

Bieber Most Offensive Celeb

Despite only being 26, it is Justin Bieber who’s crowned the king of celebrity apologies, racking up a total of seven public apologies across the themes of: racial offense (4), breaking the rule of law (1) and being insensitive to mental health issues (2). 

Closely following behind in joint second are Chris Brown and Kevin Hart, racking up 5 public apologies each, with the apologies due to LGBT offense, violence, insults to fellow artists, cheating and being insensitive to mental health issues.

The Top 10 Most Apologetic Celebrities Are: 


Sum of All Apologies

Justin Bieber


Kevin Hart


Chris Brown


Snoop Dogg


Kanye West


50 Cent


Lili Reinhart


Soulja Boy


Rob Kardashian


Ariana Grande


Wendy Williams


Tracy Morgan


In total the entertainment industry has made the most public apologies at 29 per cent, followed by sports stars (21%) and musicians and artists (18%).

The data shows that celebs are slow to learn their lesson with many being repeat offenders, so who will the next #isoverparty be for?

For more insights and to view the complete dataset, please visit:

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