All types of gambling games go through change and most of the time technology is the main driver. Some gambling games move with the times and spinoffs appear next to the originals. A great example of this is Slingo, which is a Bingo/slots hybrid - play now at

The reason for the existence of this particular game is that slots are really popular and Bingo needs to fight back to keep its audience. Slingo gives punters the best of both worlds, as they can enjoy elements of both games all under one roof. This is also an example of how a new young audience can gradually change the face of traditional gaming.

Old school Bingo is all well and good, but a new developing audience demands new innovations to keep them interested. Even traditional Bingo calls are in danger of getting a millennial makeover.

Bingo History 

Like all gambling games, Bingo is rich in history and changes have been slow, so any further changes millennials force on the game may well be resisted completely. The Italians and the French are credited with inventing Bingo and this popular game, as we know it today, is a distant cousin of a game that was around in 1530.

Bingo is closely linked to an Italian lottery that was very popular from 1530 onwards. This lottery game went through some changes in France, before it eventually arrived in the UK and became well established by the 18th. Bingo hit other markets and also landed in the US. Here Bingo was originally called Beano and this is what people would shout out if they won. 

Bingo Has A Lingo 

The UK has been instrumental in the development of the lingo that has been established around Bingo. Bingo already had terms of its own, but since the game hit the internet, the lingo has taken on a life of its own.

There are standard terms that many are familiar with such as ‘Eyes Down’ and Full House’ and these are not going anywhere. However, there have been calls to make the language of Bingo more relevant to the UK of today, by adding references to Brexit and famous faces like the royals William and Kate, to the Bingo caller’s lingo. 

Is Change A Good Thing? 

Bingo traditionalists are keen to keep the old image of Bingo intact, as they are not happy about recent developments. They blame millennials for changing Bingo for the worse and bringing in crude innuendo and alcohol fuelled bingo nights that resemble a nightclub scene, rather than a Bingo Hall. Extra attractions include music, food, copious amounts of alcohol and drag queen Bingo callers. Even Bingo bosses fear that traditional bingo players will be driven away. If you consider that traditional players make up the majority of the Bingo playing public, whilst the millennials are more weekend players, then it is vital that they are not driven away. On a positive note, Bingo bosses do acknowledge that the game needs to move with the times to survive and are happy that a new young crowd are flocking to these new Bingo clubs, as they are the future of the game.

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