They can have their pumpkin spice lattes-to me, nothing says fall like a fresh, new pair of Levi's. To be honest, there have been times over the past few months in which I felt like sweatpants and sweatshorts were glued to my body and I'd no longer be able to tolerate the feeling of anything but jersey knit, but alas, I'm ready to jam my legs into a pair of jeans again, believe it or not. And luckily, most of the Levi's pairs that I've tried are surprisingly comfortable -even the 100% cotton ones.

So, to get to the point here... I'm in the market for a new pair to celebrate my reuniting with them. In my research, I came across so many cool new pairs that I simply couldn't not share them. Given all the past Levi's styles that have gone viral (i.e. Wedgies, Ribcage, and Dad to name a few), I've been wondering what that next pair to go big will be. Well folks, I have found several specific contenders, some of which are variations on previous It styles, some of which are brand new. Keep scrolling to shop your next pair before they sell out.