Retired federal judge Maryanne Barry Trump, President Trump's sister, says she tried to convince her brother to cease his Twitter usage according to audio files recorded by Trump's niece Mary in 2018 and 2019 and obtained by Vice News.

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The files, first provided to the Washington Post by Mary Trump, reveal Barry saying Trump has "no principles" and questioning his evangelical base's support of the president despite their ostensible desire to "help people."

Barry can also be heard decrying Trump's "goddamn tweet and lying," as well as his "change of stories" and "lack of preparation," and slamming his treatment of asylum-seekers at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Barry also slammed the president's intelligence, claiming he "doesn't read" and echoing an allegation made by Mary Trump in her tell-all book Too Much and Never Enough that Trump had a friend take his exams to transfer from Fordham University to the University of Pennsylvania.

In the audio obtained by Vice, Barry can be heard lamenting the problems Trump's presidency has brought to the family, saying it won't end "until he's out of there" and that she hopes Trump's presidency ends soon.

"He goes to a September 11th memorial and he sees a crowd and he fist bumps," Barry complained, asserting that he "doesn't understand" concepts like dignity.

Barry tells Mary Trump that she "said to him about six months ago 'get rid of Twitter, stop this,'" concluding that he can't help himself.

Crucial Quote

"You can't trust him," Barry says in one tape, pointing to his "five bankruptcies" and claiming he has never accomplished anything on his own merits. "Donald is out for Donald, period."

Key Background

Mary Trump, a clinical psychologist and the daughter of Trump's late brother Fred Trump Jr., rose to national prominence in July when she announced the publication of her tell-all book revealing the "toxicity" and "destructiveness" of the Trump family. A spokesman for Mary Trump told the Post that she began recording conversations with Barry after she came to the conclusion that her family lied to her that the family estate was worth $30 million instead of $1 billion. She is a vocal supporter of Trump's Democratic opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden.

Chief Critic

"Sibling rivalries are nothing new in the world, they've been going on since the beginning of time," said Trump campaign senior advisor Jason Miller, pointing to Barack Obama's brother Malik Obama, a vocal supporter of Trump. Miller added that Trump only says "positive things," about Barry and that he is "proud" of her.

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