Say what you like about the various quarantines we're all currently straitjacketed into: They've given Ryan Reynolds a lot of time to up his social media game. Whether it's helping to reunite a little girl with a beloved teddy bear, or launching a (sponsored) movie streaming site that literally only streams his 2003 film Foolproof, Reynolds seems to be having more fun with his lockdown than pretty much any other famous person on the internet.

Now the actor/prominent gin hocker has once again lent that talent for looking on the brighter side of cabin fever to a good cause, in this case by responding to a plea for him to address Canada's rampaging teens, who apparently love to party so much that it's endangering Ryan Reynolds' mom. Specifically, Reynolds responded to a call from British Columbia Premier John Horgan, who issued an extremely dorky "call out to Deadpool" this week, asking that British Columbia's most famous non-Seth-Rogen son ask the young people to please stop infecting each other with COVID-19.

Reynolds responded with the signature comedy stylings that "The Teens" have all come to love so well, including jokes about his mother's ravenous sexual appetites, and his own desire to (and we think we're parsing this joke correctly) watch his wife Blake Lively's early TV work with salacious intent. But he also does manage to work in a call for the kids to please stop partying in ways that can continue to spread their disease. There's also a Hugh Jackman joke in there, because Ryan Reynolds really loves a good Hugh Jackman joke.


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