The Ultimate Neo Geo Home Arcade Machine Is Coming To North America

The Neo Geo sure has been enjoying a real retro renaissance over the past couple of years. We've gotten the Neo Geo Mini arcade machine, the Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro, and now we're getting the SNK Neo Geo MVSX, a full-size arcade cabinet with 50 games for $500. Maybe they should have led with this one.

The Neo Geo MSVX (Multi Video System ... X), coming to North America in November of this year, is a remake of the classic Neo Geo arcade cabinet, with two sets of controls, a 17-inch LCD display, and 50 fighting, action, and sports games baked right in. Art of Fighting, King of Fighters, Metal Slug, Super Sidekicks, that one baseball game I always liked, they're all here, with a mode switch allowing players to select the home or arcade versions of each. The tabletop version costs $450, but can be bundled with a base making it a full-size arcade cabinet for an extra $50 (the base alone costs $100).

If I didn't already own the mini arcade Neo Geo and the arcade stick Neo Geo and had room in my home for another arcade cabinet, I might jump at this. It's not a bad price for an arcade machine-sized museum of Neo Geo classics. Just look at this bright red thing.

Hit up the official website for more info on the SNK Neo Geo MVSX.

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