President Trump reportedly lobbied the Governor of South Dakota to have his mug added to Mount Rushmore, which might explain his 4th of July rally at the site.

Gov. Kristi Noem gifted DT a mini replica of the national monument on July 4th -- with his face carved in next to the other iconic four presidents -- as a joke-y way to make up for the fact she couldn't do it for him in real life ... this after his aides called her asking about it.

According to the NYT, Trump had some White House aides ring Kristi and co. up last year about the process of potentially adding a fifth presidential head on the side of Black Elk Peak. The calls from aides came AFTER Trump had told the Gov. himself during a White House visit that it was his "dream" to be featured on the structure ... which she laughed at.

Apparently, Donnie wasn't joking at all ... and had his people follow up on it, which appears to have prompted the strange make-up gift. Of course, the issue of adding a fifth face to Rushmore has been kicked around -- to no avail. It's said to be virtually impossible, as there simply isn't enough room to do it without compromising the whole thing.

Funny enough, the National Park Service says it's actually a question/request they get pretty often from a number of different groups -- so it's not just Trump's ego that's enormous. More importantly, Mount Rushmore was made to showcase America's birth and growth through its first 150 years ... at least that's how the OG sculptor Gutzon Borglum reportedly envisioned it.

Of course, DT made a big show during his speech there last month ... now, it's pretty clear why he was so dead-set on having it there in the first place. He wants to get in on it!


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