North Paulding High in Georgia has opened, and there are swarms of students milling around maskless in crowded hallways. What to do about it? I know! Prohibit the publication of any photos that show how incompetently they're managing the pandemic!

A family member teaches at this high school in Georgia (North Paulding High) that's made the news. Teachers and students were told they could be suspended if they posted photos of the school in a bad light. The student who took this photo for the yearbook has been suspended.

- Jamie Ford (@JamieFord) August 6, 2020

All those students ignoring the mask requirement? They're fine. The student who posted that photo? Suspended! (It's probably better for him, anyway). The administrators who permit that kind of crowding? Oh, they're fine, no problem.

Would you believe there is already a COVID-19 outbreak among the football team, which held a practice the week before? You probably would. They opened anyway. The administration is incredibly slack.

Despite recommendations from CDC health officials, the district has called mask-wearing a "personal choice" and said that social distancing "will not be possible to enforce" in "most cases." While the school provided teachers with face shields and masks and encouraged staff and students to wear them, they are not required and not all teachers have chosen to use them. One North Paulding teacher resigned last month over concerns about virus safety.

Jeeeezus. Just close all the schools already.


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