Without needing to buy things for weddings, parties, and trips this summer, the segment of my wardrobe that's grown exponentially as of late is the basics one. Casual dresses, pull-on shorts, tank tops, and sandals are filling my cart this summer, and of course, one of the easiest places to find these warm-weather basics is Nordstrom and its vast array of in-house brands. Whether or not you realize it, if you're a Nordstrom shopper, you're probably already familiar with them. Among the offerings are BP., Treasure & Bond, Leith, and Chelsea28.

So what's my point, exactly? So glad you asked. From now until August 3, Nordstrom is having a big sale on its in-house brands, and there are tons of summer basics to choose from, and they're even cheaper than they already were. Upon perusing the 700+ items included in the sale, I found most prices to be marked down by a whopping 40 to 60%. Exciting, right? in case you don't have time to look through more than 700 Nordstrom items (understandable), I did so for you. Keep scrolling to shop your best basics bets while they're majorly marked down.


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