A tense confrontation outside a Michigan Chipotle came to a head when a white woman pulled out a gun and pointed it at a Black woman and her 15-year-old daughter on Wednesday evening. A video of the incident soon went viral after being posted on Twitter later that day.

Now, the woman who drew the gun, who remains unidentified, and a man she was with have been charged with assault in the case.

According to The Detroit News, a Black teenager named Makayla Green was exiting a Chipotle in Orion Township when she collided with the unidentified white woman. Green told the paper that she asked for an apology, which prompted the white woman to start yelling, "cussing me out and saying things like I was invading her personal space."

That's when Green and her mother, Takelia Hill, began recording video of the confrontation. In a video obtained by The Detroit News, apparently shot by Green, Hill and Green can be heard calling the white woman "racist" and "ignorant." A man exits the driver's side of the woman's vehicle and approaches Hill and Green, asking
"Who the fuck do you think you guys are?"

"You cannot just walk around calling white people racist," the woman says after getting in the vehicle. "This is not that type of world. White people are not racist."

They argue for a few more moments before the vehicle backs out of its parking space, nearly hitting Hill, who smacks the vehicle's back window.

Shortly after is when a now-viral clip, apparently shot by Hill, begins. In it, the white women exits the vehicle with a handgun drawn and pointing at Hill.

"Get away," the woman says, while telling Hill and Green to call the police.

"Don't you fucking jump behind the car," the woman continues, while backing away. "Get the fuck away from me."

A few moments later, she drops her arms, gets in the vehicle, and they drive away.

A family member of Hill and Green shared the video on Twitter on Wednesday, and it has since been viewed more than 12 million times. BuzzFeed News has reached out to Hill and a family member who shared the clip for comment.

The Oakland County Sheriff's Office said in a press release on Thursday that deputies were called to the scene around 6:00 p.m. by both parties "related to threats involving a firearm as well as physical violence."

The man and woman waited for authorities at a different location, and both had concealed pistol licenses. Firearms belonging to both the man and the woman were taken as evidence.

The sheriff's department said they couldn't determine who the aggressor was at the scene but on Thursday, the Oakland County Prosecutor charged both the woman and the man with one count of felonious assault. Their identities will not be released until after arraignment.


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