If you're determined to mark the long weekend with a multi-mile hike, a full day at the beach, or grilling in the grassy countryside, you can still enjoy a jaunt out of the city - you've just got to be prepared. With this in mind, we rounded up the best gear for a comfortable, home-like experience even if you're spending the day eating, drinking, and even napping out of the trunk of your car. Whether it's a comfortable, stylish camping chair that collapses into a two-pound bundle; a tailgating table that attaches to your tires; or a portable cast-iron grill about the size of your laptop, there's plenty of swag to make your vehicular excursion very comfortable and very fun. We tapped into what tailgaters, car-campers, and van-lifers have known for millennia: you don't need four walls to feel at home; just four wheels.


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