Seiko Prospex launched its LX line in 2019 to present a collection of premium sport watches. The series takes its name from the latin word "lux," or "light," which references the light that is reflected onto the broad surface of each case. As part of the LX line, a new limited edition model will launch in two distinct colorways to embody the seascape of a diver's collection.

Designed around the concepts "Sea illuminated by the sun at dawn" and "Moonlight flickering on the sea surface," Seiko utilizes cermet for the watch's bezels in order to depict the flickering reflections of light onto surfaces of water. The limited-edition LX watch with a "Violet Gold" cermet bezel and dark brown dial is reminiscent of the sea seen in the dim light of dawn. In contrast, the "Platinum" watch and cermet bezel offset the charcoal gray dial, such that the scenery of a silent sea at night emerges.

Combining a sense of aesthetics with high practicality, the cermet watches are designed for high performance while incorporating the artistic interplay of light and shadow. The luxurious item boasts a distortion-free mirror surface around the case and an advanced 5R Spring Drive caliber. The watch is prepared for active situations, such as marine sports and climbing, with water resistance up to to a depth of 300 meters and high resistance to temperature variations and shock.

Each color is limited to a quantity of 200 pieces. Shop the limited edition LX Line on Seiko's website starting in November.

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