I'm Intrigued by White Jeans-These 6 Outfits Make Them Look Quite Chic

I totally understand that figuring out a cool denim ensemble may not be of utmost interest at the moment if you've been opting for more joggers and leggings with the current situation. That being said, if you are wearing jeans for various Zoom calls or want to uncover a bit of outfit inspiration to note and remember later, I'm here with some ideas. Specifically, I wanted to focus on white jeans.

To be honest, I never really thought much about white denim (personally focusing pretty much exclusively on black jeans), but as I noticed while scrolling through IG over the last few months, white jeans are definitely becoming more intriguing for me as a chic alternative to other classic denim silhouettes.

To showcase a few of the outfits that prompted my interest in white denim, I rounded up six A+ looks for you below for now or the future. I also included pieces to help you get the look if you're interested in shopping at the moment.

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