Every Destination In The World Now Has Coronavirus Travel Restrictions

A United Nations World Tourism Organisation study looked at travel restrictions for 217 destinations. What they found is,

  • 45% of destinations have either completely or partially closed borders to tourists
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  • 30% have placed restrictions on - or completely suspended - international flights
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  • 18% have banned entry (and in some cases even transit) of people coming from specific countries
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  • 7% have imposed more limited measures such as 14 day quarantines on arrival or new visa restrictions

These numbers represent subsets - meaning that 45% of countries have taken the most stringent measures involving the closing of borders. They may also have placed limits on international flights and require arrival people to quarantine.

This suggests that there's no longer a single country that doesn't have a restriction on arriving passengers of some kind. Countries that don't have a major coronavirus problem don't want one. When and how will restrictions lift? Like most of what we know about coronavirus, heterogeneity rules. It will happen gradually with differences across countries and regions.