The more you know.

If you've ever had a McFlurry at McDonald's, perhaps you've wondered why the spoon is shaped so...weirdly.
It's hollow like a straw, but you can't sip through it. And the handle is a strange, boxy, square shape. Why not just give us a plain, old-fashioned spoon???
Well, a McDonald's employee and TikTok user, @marzpire, recently uploaded a video that explains WHY McFlurry spoons are shaped that way - and it's kind of blowing my mind:
It turns out the spoon is actually used to MAKE the McFlurry. Employees attach the spoon to the McFlurry machine, and it acts as a tiny little mixer, spinning and stirring your topping of choice into the ice cream.
Then, once it's done mixing, the employee detaches it from the machine, and boom: Now you've got a perfectly mixed McFlurry and a handy spoon with which to eat it. Magic!
"If u didnt know, now u do 😄," she captioned the video, along with the hashtag #McdonaldsSecrets.
You can check out the McFlurry spoon reveal below:


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