While airlines aren't spending a whole lot of money on advertising at the moment, American Airlines has just released an uplifting new brand message video.

As American Airlines describes the video:

The intent of this video is to create a timely, uplifting, reassuring message that recognizes the current state of the world and American's role in serving essential travelers during this difficult time. We wanted to recognize the important work our teams are doing to serve these travelers today and give future travelers confidence in American being there for them in the future.

The video will be featured on American's social media channels, aa.com, and airport video screens.

Here's the new video:

For what it's worth, American Airlines emphasized that "You Are Why We Fly" isn't a new brand slogan. There has been talk for quite a while about American introducing a new brand slogan, and it looks like the frontrunner for that is "We Fly So You Can Soar" (that's based on the new leaked American Airlines safety video).

Ironically, I actually prefer "You Are Why We Fly" to any of the other slogans they were considering. I think it's a solid slogan not just during pandemic times, but in general.

I think the video American released is really well done. I might have my issues with the airline during good times, but this is a really beautiful message from the airline - the imagery is a good reminder of the current state of things, and somehow the video still manages to be uplifting.

American isn't the first airline to release a video like this, though - Emirates released an ad a couple of weeks back that sums up how we all feel:

What do you make of American's new brand video?


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