Accor Plus is a paid membership that allows its members to enjoy the stay and F&B discounts, including a free night certificate, at participating hotels in Asia-Pacific.

Accor Live Limitless has already introduced status extensions for members in Greater China (read more here) and worldwide (read more here). Now, Accor Plus is extending memberships and certificates by six months due to Covid-19.

You can access Accor Plus here.

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Here's the email that Accor Plus is sending out:

Accor Live Limitless status extensions:

Accor Live Limitless Status Boost Euros & Nights For 2020 Accor Live Limitless Status Boost Points & Nights For 2020 Have Posted

And for those in Greater China:

Accor Live Limitless Greater China 12-Month Status Extension

Accor Plus program in Asia-Pacific:

Accor Plus Update November 2019 Conclusion

Glad that Accor Plus has come up with their membership and certificate extension policy due to the on-going coronavirus pandemic.

It would have been better, however, if they had decided just to extend memberships and certificates by a year because it is unclear when we can travel again without restrictions and bans currently in place.

Here are the frequently asked questions by Accor Plus:

Who will be eligible for the membership extension?

The membership extension is applicable to all current Accor Plus members, provided your membership is still valid as at April 2020.

How long will my membership be extended for?

Eligible Accor Plus members will have their 12-month memberships extended for a maximum of six (6) months from their membership expiry date, for example:

  • Membership expires 31 May 2020, membership will now be valid through until 30 November 2020; or
  • t
  • A Member joined or renewed in March 2020, membership will now be valid through until 30 September 2021.

PLEASE NOTE: This extension supersedes any previous ad-hoc extensions given over and above the twelve (12) month membership and this will only be extended for a maximum of six (6) additional months:

    A member joined in April 2020 with a 15-month membership validity (usual 12 months + 3 months extension given during purchase), membership will now be valid through until 31 October 2021, as opposed to 31 July 2021.

Does the extension also apply to my Stay Plus complimentary night benefit?

Yes, the Stay Plus complimentary night benefit will also be extended for a maximum of six (6) months, aligning with the validity of your membership extension.

Does the extension also apply to Supplementary and Discovery memberships?

Yes, the 6-month extension will also be applicable to eligible members with Accor Plus Supplementary and Discovery memberships.

When will the extension take place?

The extension will take place automatically by 31 May 2020. Members will then be able to view their new membership expiry date in their member profile when they log on to their account via, or the Accor All app.

Will I receive a new physical Accor Plus membership card with the new expiry date?

No, there will be no reissuance of a new physical Accor Plus membership card - the new membership expiry date will only be reflected on your digital card via the Accor All app.

What about the member vouchers, will they be extended too?

Yes, eligible members will also have all unused Accor Plus member benefits extended for a maximum period of six (6) months, according to the duration of your membership. This also applies to any unused Member for a Day certificates (MFAD).

Will my vouchers still be valid for redemption at the hotels with an expired date?

Yes, all unused vouchers will be extended according to the duration of your membership and valid for redemption at the hotels. For eligible members in the Pacific, both your Wine and Breakfast vouchers will be extended for six (6) months, i.e. new expiry date will be 30 June 2021, as opposed to 31 December 2020.

Members will need to present their physical or electronic version of the voucher or certificate together with their digital card hosted on the Accor All app that reflects the new membership expiration date for verification.

Can I request a Temporary Letter for my extended membership instead of using the Accor All app?

All members are encouraged to download the Accor All app in order to fully utilise the Accor Plus member benefits from the extended membership. Issuance of a Temporary Letter will only be granted on a case-by-case basis.


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