Fairfax imprint 424 has captured the eerie spirit of Patrick Bateman in its Spring/Summer 2020 collection inspired by the cult-classic film, American Psycho.

The SS20 collection ranges from T-shirts that capture the moment when Bateman removes his face mask during his psychotic skincare routine, to more subtle nods to the film with slogan T-shirts like the one adorned with "INSANE." Elsewhere, 424 offers a formal overcoat - similar to one Bateman would wear in the film - and covers the back in a sketch of the killer attacking a woman with a chainsaw.

Other references to psychosis include its range of heavily-distressed, almost attacked-looking denim jackets and pants, as well as T-shirts that reference Bateman's privileged, frivolous lifestyle and a pair of overalls. Take a look at the 424 SS20 collection inspired by American Pyscho in the gallery above, and shop everything on 424's website now.

In related news, SALUTE's SS20 collection also spotlights horror-themed graphics.


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