Apps for the Elderly: Top 12 Best Apps for Seniors in 2020

About 73% of seniors use the internet. With so many seniors using the internet, it's important that they know the easiest way to access the internet and mobile apps to simplify life. In this guide, we’ll go over the best apps for seniors. Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out.

1. Magnifying Glass With Flashlight

If you need help reading the small print on a prescription bottle or menu, you can use this app. You can use the digital zoom and get extra lighting to make the text more comfortable to read. There are digital magnifier apps out there, but this one's unique with the flashlight. You can download this app on your Android or iPhone.

2. Read Books With Kindle

Seniors can download the mobile app, Kindle, turning a tablet or phone into an e-reader. You can adjust the text, so it’s larger or change the brightness of the screen. There’s a text to speech function and a built-in dictionary. You’ll be able to access tons of different books. In the evening, use the night mode option. You can change it, so the white text appears on a black background and helps prevent eye strain.

3. LibriVox Audio Books

LibriVox is an app that allows users to access over 15,000 audiobooks read aloud by volunteers. Stream the books or download them to listen to later. If reading books has become challenging, consider using this app to listen to books. New books get uploaded every day, and the catalog includes different genres.

4. MedWatch or WebMD

If you want help to keep track of your exercises and medications, download MedWatch. The app can also give access to medical uses, side effects, and descriptions of drugs. MedWatch got developed in collaboration with the FDA. Side effects of drugs will get reported to the Food and Drug Administration. WebMD will offer doctor reviewed health content. There are constant updates on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Use the section"Healthy Target" to track your goals. You can decide on eating and exercise goals you’d like to achieve. If you have any symptoms, enter them into WebMD and find potential causes on the app. You’ll also find conventional treatments. WebMD won’t replace your general physician, but it’s a great resource.

5. Evernote

If you have forgotten small tasks throughout the day, consider downloading Evernote. Evernote is an excellent replacement for all your paper notes and written recipes. You can record things like grocery lists, grandchildren’s wish lists, and reminders. You can reach your lists on your phone when you’re at the store.

6. Yesterday USA

Enjoy this internet radio app that broadcasts popular shows and retro music. Yesterday USA‘s operated by volunteers and is free. The focus is to preserve the history of radio. Listeners can enjoy peaceful old-time music.

7. The Weather Channel

Don’t get surprised by the weather with this app. You can get constant updates and know what to expect next week. Mobile alerts will show up if there’s any upcoming severe weather. Having this app will help you stay up to date and aware of approaching storms.

8. Epicurious

Do you find yourself wondering what to make for dinner? Download the Epicurious app that has thousands of recipes from quality cooking sites. You can look through pictures and tips from other users who have tried out the recipe. You can also create a grocery list and organize your favorite recipes from this app. Browse through recipes based on the holiday. Use the hands-free option by using the voice control function called “Cook Mode.”

9. Find My Phone

Have you lost your phone in the past little while? Consider getting this free app to keep track of your phone. You can install this app in an effortless manner onto your iPhone. The app doesn’t take up a lot of space on your phone. If you end up losing your phone, you can still find it by using someone else’s tablet, desktop computer, or phone. You will answer security questions and add a password to access your device. The app will tell you where the phone’s located. You can also lock the phone or get rid of the data. Find My Phone is one of the top apps in the world. A lot of people like it because it can help them find their phone and keep a lost phone from hackers.

10. Park ‘n’ Forget

Everyone can struggle with remembering where they parked their vehicle. Use an app called Park ‘n’ Forget. Park ‘n’ Forget is a GPS-based car app that will help people find their cars in crowded parking lots.

11. Skype and FaceTime

If you want to chat with your family, you can download a video chat app. With Skype, you can make long-distance phone calls and send text messages. If you have an iPhone or Mac, you can use FaceTime instead. Learn more about how to use FaceTime on Mac computers.

12. Lyft

Instead of calling for a cab, consider using Lyft. You can download the app on your phone and order a car to take you to a doctor's appointment, theater, or the airport. With the payment set up to the phone, you don’t have to worry about tipping or paying.

Now You Know the Best Apps for Seniors

We hope you found this guide on apps helpful. With these best apps for seniors, decide which ones you’ll download today. Bookmark our site and return later to check out our other helpful resources.

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