Accor last week updated their coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance after the pandemic started to overwhelm Europe and expand in North America.

Hilton, Hyatt, IHG, and Marriott + many others have sent out emails about their coronavirus (COVID-19) policies and waivers, but not a single email from Accor (they were soliciting votes).

You can access Accor's page for coronavirus here.

READ MORE: Accor All Rate & Bonus Points And Miles Promotions Here are some comments that our readers left on the piece and social media:

Called Accor today, very poor response. No real flexibility apart from move your booking to later in the year. Not much use when I live in Australian my booking is in Paris. So much for Platinum loyalty.

This is an issue with many who have booked for a trip. You cannot be sure if you can use the reservation before the end of the year.

Rebookings should at least be open-dated up to 31 Dec 2020 as COVID-19 doesnt publish a definite timeframe which states "end of COVID-19 by 31 March 2020, or 30 April 2020"

Good point as well.

Not good enough Accor! Most of the traveler won't even have a future date to reschedule it to at this stage. Called hotel, and they won't even issue credit voucher. I probably should start pursuit Hilton status from next year.

Hilton has a much more liberal and customer-focused policy when it comes to coronavirus cancellations and refunds.

We have, or maybe I should say had, a reservation at ibis Brussels off Grand Place. Wow, no refund but we can try to book at a different date until December 31. This is a horrible hotel group!!!! They are taking advantage of travelers. Great deal for ACCOR they get to keep over $800 and we get NOTHING!

Here's the policy has been in place since last week:
Accor's Updated Coronavirus Cancellation & Modification Policies (March 13, 2020)

Accor needs to step up to the plate and make the coronavirus cancellation policy more customer-friendly IF they care about the long term success of the company. All the main competitors understand the severity of the situation and are providing refunds for affected consumers.

And where is the email from Accor about coronavirus?


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