Business Travellers: Prepare Yourself and Know your Rights

Although you’re still at work when you travel for business, this doesn’t mean that you can’t travel comfortably. With flight delays and cancellations being a common nuisance in business travel, for peace of mind, you should always know what you are entitled to. Compensation for downgrades Business travellers often travel in premium cabin classes such as business class or first class. On very rare occasions, it is known for airlines to downgrade passengers in order to fit all of them on an overbooked flight. If you have been downgraded, you are eligible for up to 75% compensation of your ticket price based on the distance you travel. All carriers in the European Union are obligated to inform you of your rights as a passenger regardless of how your ticket was purchased. You will be given written notice of the particular airline’s compensation procedures when you purchase your air ticket. Tips and tricks for airport comfort Here are a few hot tips on how to breeze through security and have a pleasant time at the airport:
  • Pack light and only use carry-on bags if possible, this reduces the risk of delay due to lost luggage or waiting at baggage claim,
  • Check if you are eligible for express security checks based on your cabin class or airline loyalty status,
  • If you have access to a lounge, use it to freshen up before and after your flight,
  • Keep all metallic items in one bag and avoid the use of a belt with a metallic buckle to speed through security.
What the employer should provide If you are an employer whose employees travel for work, you should provide them with:
  • Corporate travel insurance,
  • Foreign medical assistance,
  • Cover visa fees and application procedures as part of their work expenses and work hours.
Compensation for delays If you experience a delay in your flight before takeoff or during a transfer, you may have the right to receive additional services. You may be eligible for:
  • Meals and refreshments,
  • Accommodation,
  • Calls, emails, or fax messages,
  • Transportation between the airport and the accommodation.
If your flight arrives at your destination airport behind schedule, you may also be eligible for compensation based on a percentage of the cost of the flight ticket. If you have not been provided the services afforded to you under law, or you are dissatisfied with the way the services were provided, you may want to file a complaint through us. Compensation for rerouting If a flight has been cancelled and you were rerouted using another route, you are eligible for up to 50% compensation in certain circumstances. If you have been rerouted to a location other than your intended destination, the airline has the responsibility to reimburse all reasonable onward travel costs to your destination such as by rail, bus, or ferry. How to pack for business travel You can find handy hints and tips on preparation here, but the top tips for easy travel are:
  • Pack light and bring as few items as necessary to avoid extra baggage.
  • Avoid wearing metallic objects that may set a metal detector off and keep all your electronics in the same bag for ease of access and inspection by security officers.
  • Dress comfortably for longer flights, but bring a change of clothes for work once you land.
If you experience delays, cancellations, rerouting, or downgrades you may be entitled to compensation. GIVT can help eligible travellers to file a claim.

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