Black jack: common mistakes games in the casino

When playing black jack, top casinos clients keep making the same mistakes. The most common dilemma is whether to take additional cards or to stop. For the most part, inexperienced players choose to stop while they need to take a card. Why so? Any black jack optimal strategy will tell you to take a card in order to boost your winning chances. Here is a simple example. Say, the dealer has a total of 17 points and you have 16 points. You doubt whether to add a card to your hand. Finally, you choose to stop for the fear of going bust (exceeding 21 points). You forget the deck still contains Fives, Aces, Twos, etc. Your chance to win is pretty high (38.46%). By choosing to stop, you slash this chance twice. As a result, the dealer wins the game and you lose your

Can I beat the dealer in black jack?

Most players believe that beating the dealer is close to im possible. This is not true, though. Of course, top casinos only employ the best professionals that know the game of black jack like the back of their hand. At the same time, the outcome of any gambling game is partly determined by luck. Black jack is no exception. Remember that you and the dealer have equal chances to succeed. Another major mistake is to use the Split option. You may’ve heard that splitting 10s is a smart move. Let’s take another example to visualize the situation. Suppose, you have a total of 20 points. You decided to split it into two hands. By doing so, you decrease your winning chances twice. Using the Slit option is a bad idea. In this particular case, the best decision is to double your bet or take another card. To achieve success in black jack, you need to pick a smart strategy. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Analyze the dealer’s decisions. Remember that any top casinos dealer follows a certain strategy. To increase your winning odds, try to understand what strategy your opponent is using.

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