Fortnite isn't over quite yet. Epic Games is about to bring the game back with Chapter 2 - Season 1, according to a leaked trailer. Twitter account SkinTrackerCom tweeted the 30-second promo for Fortnite's latest Battle Pass. That tweet is now gone, but I captured the video. You can watch it above.

The clip shows off a collection of new skins you can acquire for your character in the battle pass. But it also confirms that a new map is on the way. This environment features rivers and boats, which should shake up gameplay for long-time players.

Epic still hasn't said when Fortnite is coming back online. Currently, booting up the game only enables you to watch a black hole. That black hole appeared on Sunday, and it sucked up the entire game. This means you cannot actually play Fortnite at the moment.

Many fans are speculating that this community event, which Epic is calling The End, will lead into the launch of Chapter 2. And now the trailer is backing up those theories.


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