5 Tried and Tested Ways to Lose Weight

Losing weight is essential to a lot of people, not just because it makes them look better, but because it's good for their health. A 2008 report by the American Medical Association stated that around one-third of Americans are obese. What this means is that a lot of people have had to engage in several different weight loss programs to prevent associated complications. Although some individuals have had significant success in losing weight, everyone agrees that it's not an easy task. Regimens like exercise routines and diets work for some people, but not for others. However, the best and most consistent ways to lose weight are usually the methods backed up by science. They are effective, with amazing results, in several human case studies. Even though some of the methods are more surprising than others, research shows they all work. Here some proven ways to lose weight:
  1. Aerobic Exercises: Aerobic exercises, also known as cardio, are the most popular and most effective weight loss tools. They owe their effectiveness to being backed up by scientific research. Aerobic exercises involve general body movements, which increase blood pressure and respiratory rate. All of this place a high energy demand on the body. To satisfy this demand, the body burns fat and converts it into energy, thus reducing the body's fat content and shedding weight.
  2. Dieting: Diets have been at the center of weight loss controversies for a very long time. While some people swear by them, others curse them for their ineffectiveness. However, not all diets are based on fads and trends. Certain diets have been shown by extensive research to be incredibly effective in weight loss programs.
For example, some diets involve special foods and supplements that contain fat-burning ingredients. Other diets like the keto diet are based on a reduction in the amount of carbohydrates consumed. This forces the body to depend on burning fat to derive energy. Diets like this harness the body's natural processes to promote fat loss.
  1. Healthy Nutrition: Weight loss is as much about burning fat, as it's about depositing it. Research has shown that foods and snacks high in carbohydrates (carbs) like bread, rice, and donuts are converted into energy by the body. However, the energy that isn't used up gets stored as fat. This leads to weight gain. Switching from carbs to healthier food choices reduces weight gain and increases weight loss. Click here for a list of healthy, weight loss-friendly snacks.
  2. Getting Quality Sleep: Science has shown that poor sleeping habits can increase risks of obesity up to 89% in children, and 55% in adults. Getting the recommended eight hours of sleep is therefore very important in any weight loss plan.
  3. Cutting Down on Sodas and Other Refined Sugars: Studies show that liquid sugar is the most fattening of all the foods consumed in the modern diet. Sodas have very high liquid sugar contents. The sugars are mostly never converted into calories, and instead, sit in the body as fat.

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