Simon Porte Jacquemus' menswear line debuted in Spring/Summer 2019 and was an instant smash, with tastemaking boutiques snapping up his moderately-priced boxy shirts and billowing trousers en masse, aiding the young designer in building momentum for further creations. Spring/Summer 2020, the collection's first anniversary, is an even stronger showing of statement prints and accessible silhouettes, many of which are now rolling out at global boutiques.

Painted patterns grace a host of layering pieces, from long-length shirts to paneled jeans, underscoring the warm weather motif by way of illustrative sunflowers and daisies. There's even an artichoke print, underscoring the prime spring harvesting season for the thistle (interestingly enough, Jacquemus himself comes from a family of farmers). Accompanying the shirts, jackets, jeans and bags is a hoodie emblazoned with a warm-hued still life painting, incorporating a beatific scene of a potted flower sitting atop a table.

Shop Jacquemus' SS20 menswear range on Browns' web store.

Most recently, we considered the styling value of Jacquemus' new denim jacket.


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