Maybe you're buying for an outdoorsy friend but aren't that sure on the great outside yourself. We've put together a list of ideas for you. From hiking gear to cyclists, rock climbers and skiers, there's something for everyone here. Night and Day: Trail Markers These are perfect if you're buying a gift for someone who's into hunting, walking, and generally exploring the wild. These markers are in bright yellows and oranges, so that when placed down, they clearly mark your path. Similar to a high-visibility jacket, they will glow brightly when you shine a torch on them, making it perfect for night-time treks or marking out the way back to your tent after hours. Waterproof matches For the person who likes to get a fire going or light a stove on their adventures, waterproof matches are the ideal accessory to make sure you're not caught out in the rain. There isn't anything worse than wanting a warm meal or hot water when there's a gale blowing. But then, these matches are designed to light in any weather including the rain and wind, and are much longer than traditional matches, lighting for up to 30 seconds and giving you enough time to get your fire going. Outdoor hammock For your friend or family member that really likes to relax after a long day of hiking, a hammock is the perfect gift. They are easily put up between a couple of trees or something similar, and then can be folded up into a small lightweight ball to be thrown into your bag, and carried to the next chill spot. This is great when used with a spotting scope to find new birds and wildlife near your camp. Make sure to use a Stay On Trails tripod to keep the perfect shot while you’re relaxing. Mini-camping stove Perfectly designed for a several day-long hike in the country, mini-camping stoves are a lightweight option to help you get your food warmed up or the kettle boiling for a hot drink. Modern mini stoves can fit in a single hand easily and will fit in the side pocket of your backpack for easy packing and transportation. They generally use butane canisters, which are easily replaced and have ignition systems that are weather-proof, so no matches are needed. Portable pillow A pillow is often the thing that separates a good night's sleep and a bad one. We've all seen people with makeshift pillows at festivals or camping trips. They generally get nothing but a bad neck in return. Compression pillows use memory foam-style padding to provide a comfortable but secure pillow for your head and neck. They are specifically designed to be lightweight and compress to a quarter of its full size for easy transportation. Hiking socks A necessity for walkers and hunters, a good pair of walking socks should make sure that you get no blisters no matter how far the walk is. They are also designed to minimize muscle cramps and support the ankle as you walk over steep terrains. Grab a good pair with air vent areas to prevent sweat and moisture build-up for the perfect present. Most households have an unsolved Rubik's Cube? Use the Rubik's Cube solver to calculate the solution in just five minutes.


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