It’s only fair to say that the guys at Blizzard are brilliant. All of their games are successful hits upon release. They are simply flawless. Simple, addictive, intuitive gameplay is all it takes to attract newbie’s into a constantly growing community. Just look at the example of OverWatch – the game is a hit. Thousands of diehard fans can kill for fictional characters. Except for Bastion. No one really likes a Bastion. As an opponent. But here’s the other side of the coin – have you seen the hit boxes? It’s nearly impossible not to win a match even if your skill is far from mediocre. Same can be said about Heroes of the Storm. Millions of players from all over the world are engaging in it on a daily basis. But how many of them are really good at what they do?

Fun to play but not to watch

Have you checked out Twitch lately? How many people are watching HotS games? As I am writing these words I see less than 1.500. This stat is killing the game as an esports discipline. Heroes of the Storm betting is quite fun because you can make a few fast bucks. But isn't this simply watching a simplified version of Dota2? Yeah, I know a couple of you reading these words are willing to kill me right now, but let’s be reasonable and face the facts. The game is just too simple. While a good trait for a lot of titles that want to catch attention early on, local mechanics are rather too intuitive. And is there – I mean for real – any point to watch a random dude do the same stuff you can as well? We love Usain Bolt for how fast he is. We love CS:GO teams like Liquid r Na’Vi for how good they are at shooting and aiming and killing. What’s to adore about the Heroes of the Storm? Cool graphics, fun mechanics and an impressive list of characters to choose from. Is that, in any way a reason to gen invested into esports leagues?

A new beginning

There’s a rumor that the HotS community has a lot to expect from the New Year as new rules, regulations and game enhancements are to take place next year. Who knows, maybe the shows will get better with time with enhanced mechanics and more competitiveness? Higher prizes can definitely do the trick. But, in the end of the day, we are left in a community desperate for a challenge. Please hear us, Blizzard and make one of your best games harder! Please, pretty please!


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