Steve Easterbrook, CEO McDonald, poses with Ronald McDonald during the new McDonald's Flagship Restaurant re-opening at Frankfurt International Airport, Terminal 2, on March 30, 2015 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. (Image source, Reuters
Image caption, Mr Easterbrook the month he became head of McDonald's in 2015

The former boss of Mcdonald's was fined by the US financial watchdog for misleading investors.

Easterbrook will pay a $400,000 penalty without admitting or denying the claims.

He was accused of violating company policy at the time.

There were secret relationships with other staff members.

Any kind of intimate relationship between employees is forbidden by the food giant.

The British businessman received a large amount of money as a result of his departure.

The other relationships came to light.

McDonald's would not have approved the deal if it had known about it.

The legal action was launched against Mr Easterbrook.

Mr Easterbrook returned the money and apologized for not adhering to the firm's values.

The SEC in the US said that he had made false and misleading statements.

Easterbrook was reckless in not knowing that his failure to disclose these additional violations of company policy would influence Mcdonald's disclosures to investors about his departure and compensation.

The SEC charged Mcdonald's with shortcomings in its public disclosures related to Easterbrook's firing.

The agency said the firm had cooperated with the investigation and wouldn't be fined.

The SEC order reinforced the fact that Mr Easterbrook was accountable for his misdeeds, according to Mcdonald's.

After firing him, we sued him for lying about his behavior.

We are proud of our strong'speak up' culture that encourages employees to report conduct by any employee, including the CEO, that falls short of our expectations.

The leader of McDonald's in the UK was a UK citizen named Mr Easterbrook.

He was praised for revitalizing the firm's menu and stores. During his time in the US, the value of its shares more than doubled.