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A person bragged about using his vehicle's Full Self-Driving feature to drive while drunk, which should give anyone pause.

"I admitted the other day, I was a little bit tipsy after Christmas," the user bragged, as seen by Insider.

He said he was likely drunk. It drove me home.

Gambling with the safety of others on the road is not only illegal but flabbergastingly irresponsible as well.

Tesla Brag

In November, an unfinished version of the software was made available to the public, despite the fact that it had many flaws.

The company concedes on its site that the Full Self-Driving feature does not allow a car to fully drive itself and is designed to provide more active guidance and assisted driving under your supervision.

Many owners still abuse the system. Many drivers have found hacks to trick the feature into thinking the driver is paying attention when they aren't.

Some people have been caught sleeping behind the steering wheel. German police chased down a sleeping driver of a car on the highway.

The argument of getting behind the wheel while drunk is just one of many reasons why the company should get ahead of its problems.

Almost a third of all traffic crash deaths in the US involve drunk drivers according to the NHTSA.

It's an egregious example of a person overestimating their car's capabilities when they buy it.

The owner of a car said self- driving mode got him home when he was probably drunk.

There is a video showing a car on full self- driving on a road.