A.J. Green Mosses defender on 77-yard trick-play TD (0:57)

A.J. Green caught the trick play and ran for a 77-yard touchdown. 0:58

10 months after agreeing to a contract extension with Kliff Kingsbury, the Arizona Cardinals have fired him.

Steve Keim stepped away from his position in order to focus on his health.

Keim's contract was extended through the 2027 season. Keim has been on a health related leave of absence.

Keim joined the team as a college scout and was promoted to general manager.

Just two months after he was fired from Texas Tech, Kliff Kingsbury was hired as the new head coach of the struggling organization.

His firing came a day after the Cards lost their season finale to the 49ers. He had a record of 28-37-1.

In his first three seasons at Arizona, he led the team to improved win totals, from 5-10-1 in his first year to 8-8 in 2020 and 11/6 in his second year. Four years of undisciplined football and late-season drop-offs were just some of the problems that plagued the tenure of the coach.

This final season was the culmination of that.

He was relieved of his job despite the fact that he had to coach a team without DeAndreHopkins for the first six games and Kyler Murray for the last five games. Despite being in existence for over 100 years, no head coach has lasted longer than 6 years.

The back-to-back late-season collapses in 2020 and 2021 overshadowed the success theCardinals had built. When he was at Texas Tech, his teams had been successful early on in the season only to go down in the second half.

In the first seven games of the year, the teams went 42-20. The season didn't start as well as it could have, but still fell apart on the way down. In its first seven games, Arizona went 3-4 and finished with a 1-9 record.

This season would be a different one. He said multiple times early in the season that the Cards would hopefully finish strong after a slow start due to not having Hopkins for the first six games because he was suspended for violating the NFL's performance-Enhancing Drug Policy.

Arizona lost six in a row at home at the end of 2021.

The inability to adapt was one of the main issues with the scheme.

Murray said teams were playing the Cards' offense soft and moving the ball.

The information from Josh Weinfuss was used.