The 118th House will begin its first day of business on Monday, when the Republicans will vote on their first piece of legislation that will curb funding for the IRS.


There are members of the U.S. House in the chamber. The photo was taken byLiu Jie/ Xinhua.

Xinhua News Agency via Getty Images

The House is expected to vote this evening on significant changes to rules that dictate how the lower chamber operates.

The House is expected to vote on its first piece of legislation during the evening session that would roll back $80 million included in the Inflation Reduction Act to fund an additional 87,000 IRS agents, a change that McCarthy promised during his celebratory speech.

The committee targeting the "weaponization of the federal government" is expected to be chaired by Jim Jordan.

Before the full House convenes at 5 p.m., the Steering Committee will meet to select leaders of key panels that would lead investigations into the Biden Administration.

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McCarthy was elected speaker early Saturday after 15 rounds of voting in which as many as 21 conservative holdouts refused to back him, leaving him more than a dozen votes short of the majority needed to win. After agreeing to a number of conservative demands, including a rule change that would make it easier to oust the speaker, McCarthy persuaded 15 of his detractors to vote for him in the final round. It was Saturday.

The proposed rules package has been criticized by at least two Republicans due to the fact that it would limit military spending. Tony Gonzalez, a military veteran, has said that he is not in favor of the package. He told Fox and Friends on Monday that he didn't want to see us every two months being in lock down. Nancy Mace said on Face the Nation that she is on the fence about voting for the new rules. The speaker election was supported by both of them. If all of the Democrats vote against the package, 218 House Republicans will have to vote in favor of it.

Surprising Fact

According to a December memo from the House administration, if a new House rules package isn't adopted before January 13, committee staffers' paychecks could be taken away.

What To Watch For

The upcoming debt ceiling fight is likely to be shaped by the differences within the GOP conference. Congress capped federal borrowing levels at $31 trillion in December 2021, and will need to raise the limit again by July if they want to avoid a government shutdown and defaults on legal obligations. Conservatives are expected to use the consequences of not raising the debt ceiling to get other demands.

Kevin McCarthy was elected speaker of the house.

Kevin McCarthy gave up a lot in order to win the speakership.