A screen showing caramel next to two bars with scent sprayers.

Is there a scene from The Matrix where Mr. Anderson has his head turned by a woman? What did that woman smell like?

Answer the question honestly. The woman smelled like something.

The company tried to answer the question with its smell-o-vision, which it is promoting. Two products were on display. Two towers had smell capsules that blasted my face with cloying smells that made me gag. The machine sneezed a fruity scent when it saw the red dress scene from The Matrix, the company rep told me it was supposed to be perfume.

There are scenes from Pokemon where Pikachu does his thunderbolt and I get hit with lemon scent. When a picture of caramel was shown, it smelt like caramel. The company said users could set how strong the blast of air could be, but that wouldn't change the smell. Will any of the 100 scents be the best to watch your favorite show? The company is hoping to sell its technology to different media companies.

The collar that the company displayed was similar to the one I was wearing. Kyle Barr wouldn't be the first to step up if any company tried and stuck that into any kind of virtual reality or movie experience.