If you get cooler features and better performance, the new products might be worth the price hike. It is easier to recommend the model that came before the new iPad was released because it costs less. At Best Buy, the ninth-gen 64GB iPad is $2499.99 in space gray or silver, a deal that knocks $80 off the original price.

Compared to the 10th-gen model, it doesn't have a mic, a bigger screen, or a selfie cam. It is one of the fastest tablets on the market, and it can run any app or game on the App Store. It works with the same Apple pencil. It's $200 cheaper.

2021 iPad (Wi-Fi, 64GB)

$32924% off

The entry level iPad is still a great deal. It comes with a chip, a camera, and 64 gigabytes of storage

It is another random day on the calendar, which means that the prices on the Pixel phones were slashed to their lowest prices. The smaller Pixel 6A is $349 at Best Buy, while the larger Pixel 7 Pro is $749 at Amazon and Best Buy, and the larger one is $750 at Best Buy. Unless you really need a phone right now, you might want to hold off on the Pixel 6A, which has been sold for $299 unlocked before.

ThePixel 7 and 7 Pro are the most refined phones yet, improving on the controversial camera bar design introduced with thePixel 6 by shrinking and covering it in a more premium-looking metal. These are just like all the other phones before them. Allison Johnson took some great pictures of them. You can read the full review.

You can get a $20 off of Ikea's Symfonisk bookshelf speaker until January 22nd. The white or black models are still available for a discounted price. You might need to pick it up in store if it isn't eligible for shipping.

Adding the Symfonisk speakers to your family of speakers will allow you to add more rooms to listen to music or add more channels to your home theater.

Symfonisk bookshelf speaker

$12017% off

Symfonisk costs less than any other speaker and has the same sound quality. It is a great place for a new user to start.

A few more small but good deals before you go

There is a free Elite Strap with the purchase of the Meta Quest 2 virtual reality headset. It is a good value and I would recommend it to most buyers. It makes it easier to use the headset for a long period of time. The Fire TV Cube is still good enough to get a mention here, even though the price has been slashed by fifteen dollars. Normally it's $1399.99, but it's $1299.99 now. Chris called this box a "streaming box with no equal" as it offers hands-free controls, support for all popular formats, and more. Walmart has the first-gen Apple earbuds for $129. It's not a bad deal if you want a solid set of wireless buds that have some of the best active noise cancellation on the market.