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The cloud technology space grew in a number of ways. Many organizations thought about and prepared for greater wins in the years to come because of unpredictable macroeconomic developments.

Much of this preparation could come to fruition as the growth achieved in 2022 contributes to a stronger economy and rapid advancement in technology.

Global IT spending is projected to increase by 5.1% to $4.6 trillion in the next five years. C2C Global has identified five cloud trends to watch in the next two decades.

Moving forward, custom solutions, rather than one-size-fits-all offerings from individual providers, will increasingly become the norm.

AI and ML tech adoption will rise

Every organization wants to use the various capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Some want to use their data to improve analytic skills and others want to automate processes.

Many artificial intelligence and machine learning models have to be tested and trained before they can be used in large organizations. C2C's research shows that only 45% of respondents are currently using artificial intelligence and machine learning. These technologies were the ones that respondents hoped to adopt in the future.

The promise of these technologies is too great to be ignored. Training and testing will become more reliable and automatic as models are refined.