Credit: CC0 Public Domain

The first rocket launch from the UK will catapult it into the exclusive club of nine nations that can send crafts into Earth's orbit.

A Boeing plane carrying a rocket with nine satellites will take off from a spaceport in Cornwall, southwest England, at 2216GMT.

The rocket will leave the aircraft at a height of 35,000 feet over the Atlantic and land in Ireland.

The aircraft will leave Spaceport Cornwall and return to Cornwall Airport Newquay.

It will be the first time in the UK that it will be launched. Foreign spaceports have previously been used to send UK satellites into space.

The chief executive of Spaceport Cornwall said that joining the exclusive club of launch nations gave them their own access to space.

The launch is named after a Rolling Stones song.

There are two parts to it, the takeoff and the deployment of the rocket.

Civil and defense functions can be found in the satellites, which can help countries detect people traffickers and space weather observation.

The launch could be delayed or pushed back to later in the month due to adverse weather.

Commercialization of space has led to the growth of space bases in Europe.

Most of Europe's spaceport projects are now private sector initiatives despite the fact that satellites were used for institutional missions for a long time.

With the emergence of small start-ups, modern technology making both rockets and satellites smaller, and the growing number of applications for satellites, the market has exploded.

The number of small satellites that will be launched in the next ten years is expected to increase.