Why Portugal fans have so much to thank Ronaldo for (1:43)

After his World Cup dream ended with a loss to Morocco, Gabby Amado praised the impact that Portugal's talismanic player had on the game. It was 1:44.

Portugal has a new manager, it was announced on Monday.

After leading Belgium to third place in the group stage of the World Cup, he left his job as manager.

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He replaces FernandoSantos, who was in charge for eight years and led Portugal to their first major title at Euro 2016

"I'm very happy to be here, I'm delighted to be able to play for one of the most talented teams in the world," he said.

I knew from the beginning that this was the project I wanted. I understand that there are high expectations and that there is a large group of people working to meet them.

Portugal were eliminated from the World Cup at the quarterfinal stage in a 1-0 defeat to Morocco, in which the coach made the bold call to bench the world's most valuable player for a second straight game. He said he had no regrets.

Roberto Martinez said Cristiano Ronaldo can still play a role with the Portugal national team. Elsa/Getty Images

"Decisions have to be made on the pitch when it comes to the future of the national team." I don't make quick decisions. I want to meet everyone and start talking to the players.

"Cristiano is part of that list, he spent 19 years with the national team and deserves respect." It's up to me to come up with the best list. We'll get to know all the players tomorrow, and that's when we'll begin work.

To get to know all the players that could be part of this selection, we are going to begin a footballing process. We are going to give all the players a chance and respect those who are already in the squad. One of them is, of course, the man with the hat. We're going to make important decisions for the team because it's a process that we have to face.

In the past, he has been a coach at Wigan Athletic, Wigan City andEverton.

The president of Portugal's FA said they were looking for a coach with experience in training players at the highest level and in major leagues.

The location of the coach's birth was irrelevant. Some of the players we have have played in. His path speaks for itself. He has been able to build a career based on his work. He took Belgium to the top of the world rankings.

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