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  • Lufthansa To Reactivate All Remaining Airbus A340-600s
  • Aeroflot Buys Ten Boeing 777s Amid Sanctions
  • JetBlue Adds Daytime New York To London Heathrow Flight
  • British Airways Unveils New Employee Uniforms For The First Time In 20 Years
  • Delta to Offer Free Inflight Wi-Fi Starting February 1
  • Singapore Airlines to Operate Three Daily Airbus A380 Flights to Heathrow
  • American Airlines To Discontinue Miami-Tel Aviv Flights

Lufthansa To Reactivate All Remaining Airbus A340-600s

Five more A340-600s configured in a four-class configuration, including the First Class seats, are being reactivated by Lufthansa. The A340-600s will be back in service later this year.

Five A340-600s were put back into service in the summer of 2022. The quad jets will be located at its largest hub in Frankfurt.

“Lufthansa will fly ten Airbus A340-600s in the future. Due to the strong traffic development, we need more aircraft, so that routes from Frankfurt are served with A340-600 again.”

Lufthansa spokeswoman
Lufthansa A340 Diverts To Boston Twice Following Engine Issues
Lufthansa To Reactivate All Remaining Airbus A340-600s. Image: Lufthansa

The additional A340s will be used in different places. They are likely to be deployed on flights to North America, South America and Asia with the likes of Hong Kong.

Aeroflot Buys Ten Boeing 777s Amid Sanctions

Despite being subject to strict EU sanctions, Aeroflot has acquired ten Boeings.

The Russian flag carrier said that it was able to complete the purchase of the aircraft using an exemption from the EU sanctions. The planes have been leased from an Irish lessor for the last two years.

“The transaction was made taking into account all the necessary permits from Russian and foreign regulators.”


In order to maintain the current fleet of foreign-made aircraft, Aeroflot will continue to work on the implementation of transactions for the purchase of aircraft. The approach confirms the reliability of Aeroflot as a contractual partner.

Aeroflot Boeing 777. Image: Sergey Kustov via Wikimedia Commons

JetBlue Adds Daytime New York To London Heathrow Flight

There will be a daytime flight from New York-JFK to London-Heathrow in the summer of23.

The Mint business class product will be available on the daily round trip from the 25th of March. A pair of slots were obtained by the US low-cost carrier. There will be a new flight operating.

A flight from New York to London arrived in London at 08:45PM.

Flight B62220 arrives at New York-JFK at 11:30 AM.

There are two flights per day from New York-JFK to London. The flights between New York-JFK and Gatwick will be reduced from two to one daily. It will continue to operate flights from Boston to both airports.

British Airways Unveils New Employee Uniforms For The First Time In 20 Years

British Airways has unveiled a new uniform for the first time in almost two decades. More than 30,000 employees will be wearing the new uniform in the spring of 2023.

The new collection has a tailored three piece suit for men with regular and slim fit style trousers and dress, skirt and pant options for women, as well as a modern jumpsuit. There is a tunic and hijab for the global carrier.

“Our uniform is an iconic representation of our brand, something that will carry us into our future, representing the very best of modern Britain and helping us deliver a great British original service for our customers.”

Sean Doyle, British Airways Chairman and CEO
Image: British Airways

More than 1,500 employees took part in 50 workshops to make sure the new uniforms are practical. Cabin and flight crews have been wearing the new uniform on cargo flights across Europe while engineers have been secretly wearing the new uniforms.

The first group of British Airways employees to wear the new uniform will be engineers. The new uniform will be worn by the cabin crew, pilots and check-in agents in the summer of 2020.

Delta to Offer Free Inflight Wi-Fi Starting February 1

The free wi-fi will be available on most domestic mainline aircraft by February of next year.

Delta is the first carrier to offer free inflight internet. The service will be offered on more than 700 Viasat-equipped aircraft by the end of the year. The majority of Delta's domestic fleet is Viasat-equipped.

Delta won't be giving away free wi-fi on its jets until they are Viasat-equipped. Delta and Viasat are working together to provide free wi-fi on all of the airline's flights by the end of 2024.

Delta Boeing 767 Drops Escape Slide on Approach

“At work, at home and everywhere in between, connectivity is essential to daily life, and your journey on Delta should be no different. Our vision has long been to deliver an experience at 30,000 feet that feel similar to what our customers have available on the ground.”

Ed Bastian, Delta CEO

Delta charges around $50 per month for wi-fi on its flights in North America.

Singapore Airlines to Operate Three Daily Airbus A380 Flights to Heathrow

During the peak summer season, Singapore Airlines will add a third daily A380 flight from June to July.

There are four daily flights from Singapore Airlines to London. One of the carrier's flights will be replaced with the superjumbo to accommodate more passengers on both sides. There is a third daily A380 flight operating.

The flight from Singapore to London was departing at 01:10.

The flight left London at 09:25 and arrived at Singapore-Changi at 05:30.

The additional A380 flight will only be for a short time, but the airline is taking another step towards operating at the same level as in the peak summer of 2019. The months with the highest passenger demand and seat load factors are the ones in the summer.

American Airlines To Discontinue Miami-Tel Aviv Flights

The flights between Miami and Tel Aviv will no longer be operated by American Airlines. American initially flew the route three times a week on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays using a large plane.

The route was so successful that the airline upgraded it to a daily schedule in October of 2022. It is the longest route from Miami to American and the airline currently uses a Boeing 787-9.

“As part of the continuous evaluation of our network, American Airlines has made the difficult decision to discontinue its Miami (MIA) – Tel Aviv (TLV) service effective March 24, 2023.”

American Airlines Spokesperson

We will continue to serve Tel Aviv from JFK. We are reaching out to customers who have been affected by the changes.

IndiGo A321 Suffered Tail Strike During Landing In Kolkata

British Airways’ New Uniform

Jetstar Japan A320 Evacuated on Runway Amid Bomb Threat

Passengers forced to evacuate a Jetstar A320 at Chubu Centrai in Japan following a bomb threat. Five passengers sustained minor injuries in the evacuation, no device was found on board.

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