They realized early on that they had something special to offer. San Fratello says they both grew up in rural areas and were playing in the dirt. Both of us brought our own lived experiences to that. Our practice is different due to the lived experience and amazing technologies. We brought our love of earth and printed it.

Experiments in materials, software, and hardware are taking place in this prototype dwelling unit. The Bay Area's housing crisis inspired the pair to address housing problems at a micro level.

A constant of their work is their rethinking of natural materials through the lens of technology. Mud, sawdust, salt, and Chardonnay grape skins are some of the materials that can be used to make a project. It's all about asking why not.

The pair would defy any attempts at categorization, however. As they say on their website, “It would be impossible for us to say we have a studio philosophy. We just try to keep making.”