• Don was given two hours to decide if he wanted to sign a six-movie deal.

  • When the offer came through, he was at his birthday party.

  • The star played the role of War Machine in Iron Man 2.

"Iron Man" was the first movie in the cinematic universe, and it starred Terrence Howard as Tony Stark's best friend and mentor, Lieutenant James Rhodes. Howard claimed that Downey Jr. took his paycheck after he decided not to return for the sequel.

Don Cheadle was found to replace the star. The actor has played War Machine in seven movies and two Disney+ shows.

He said that the studio only gave him two hours to agree to a six-picture deal before "Iron Man 2."

When the call came, he was at a party for one of his children.

I was at his birthday party. They told me that they were giving me the offer. We'll go to the next person if you don't say yes. It's going to happen very quickly. Wouldn't it be better if you took an hour and decided if you wanted to do it?

The actor said that he didn't know much about the projects he would be in.

He said, "You have to say yes or no, because this is what it is."

"'We don't know any of that but this is what it is so you've got an hour' is what the studio told him,'" he said.

He talked to his wife while they played laser tag and then accepted the offer.

After playing laser tag for two hours, I talked to my agent and tried to get as much information as possible.

Rhodey has always been Iron Man's sidekick, but he's going to lead his own movie.

He's coming more and more out of Tony's shadow and becoming his own person in every successive film. We still don't know who he is and we're still digging into that. The movie is for that.

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